Image editing option

Invisible mannequin image editing

Model photography is expensive and mannequins are distracting. We solve these issues by combining multiple images into one single image, making sure the focus in on your products and nowhere else.

Some people call it Ghost Mannequin others Invisible Mannequin but idea is simple. Get appealing apparel product photos so you can sell more products.

Whether you use amateur models or mannequins, actually doesn’t matter, you just need two photos and your good to go.

In the beginning, people often think that this type of image is difficult to reproduce but like most challenges in live, taking it step by step, will show that its actually not that hard.

Take two photos: one of the front side of your product and one of the inside of your product. The first photo, puts the shape in to your product and serves as the base. The second, revealing the inside or some other missing part of your product, is stitched onto the first. Yielding an attractive product image with an invisible mannequin effect so you can sell more.

Background removal

Background are almost never perfect. Remove or cut-out an imperfect studio backdrop and replace it with your preferred background.

Crop, pad & align

Consistency in presenting a product collection creates unity and improves user-experience. Norms are important and must be applied time over time.

Masks & paths

Reformatting for advertising, print or some other image application is a common practice. Layered outputs, like PSD and TIFF, provides this flexibility for future usage.

Output formats

A different output format for a different purpose. We understand, guide and provide on request.

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