Image editing option

Image editing for 360 spins

360 Spins Image Editing

Image editing for 360 spins? Sure, because when shopping online, how many times you only see one product image (and hopefully a good one), and wish you could see the product from all the sides? Curiosity sells but it has its limits. When shopping online you’re already limited by the fact that only the eye is satisfied. Touching, fitting and even smelling the product is out of the question.

So engaging customers and drive conversion by giving your customers the experience of inspecting the product from all angles with 360° spinning products. Many retailers already provide this customer experience by shooting multiple images from a fixed point while rotating the product. An extensive list of plugins or modules supporting this user interactive experience exist and are easy to use. Expensive you might think, not really, a low cost rotation table will do the job just fine and image editing will finish the job to perfection.

Background removal

Background are almost never perfect. Remove or cut-out an imperfect studio backdrop and replace it with your preferred background.

Crop, pad & align

Consistency in presenting a product collection creates unity and improves user-experience. Norms are important and must be applied time over time.

Masks & paths

Reformatting for advertising, print or some other image application is a common practice. Layered outputs, like PSD and TIFF, provides this flexibility for future usage.

Output formats

A different output format for a different purpose. We understand, guide and provide on request.

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