MOOOH says any cow. Unique selling point? Not really but wait (and don’t tip us over yet) we can do much better. We just started out and needed a fast and easy presentable medium of our services. What about a video, I think ‘Jan’ screamed on Monday morning while no-one was camera ready. So we gave it a first try, and we’ll certainly recognize that this is not Hollywood material, but we are proud to present our service, so we can’t think of any reason to drop this nostalgic piece of material, so if you must, please forgive us.

Have you seen our prices? Are you informed that we provide our first three images for free, no restrictions or questions asked? Seemed much more important to us then having an expensive video stating what we assume you already know: we process product images at the highest quality level on the market, for the lowest prices on the market, and this in conjunction with you.

Not yet convinced? Then check out our platform or give us a call and experience our unique selling point yourself. Be sure that we make it our goal to make your business fly higher than ever before. You will gain top high-quality images, while focusing on the core of your business by outsourcing time-consuming tasks and this within 24h hours, no limitations.

In the end, we know that quality and efficiency go hand in hand with experience that cannot be achieved with a do-it-yourself-attitude so make this the first day in a new phase for your business and we’ll make sure you never look back.

Hope to see you soon!

The Cutoutcow team

Alexander Mertens

Alexander Mertens

Alexander is co-founder at Cutoutcow and the technical point of contact for the application. Beside this, he also provides customers and partners with technical support in the field of photography and image editing.

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