Cutoutcow now connected to Lightspeed eCom

Cutoutcow now available in the Lightspeed app store! Never heard about Lightspeed or even SEOshop? Lightspeed POS Inc. acquired the leading online retail software company SEOshop and launches a new eCommerce platform (Lightspeed eCom) creating Omni channel retailing for the future.

You can read more about the acquisition in this official press release, but in a nutshell, Lightspeed’s POS systems, eCommerce and Omni channel solutions are reinventing the customer experience while helping grow your business.

Lightspeed defines Omni channel as follows:

The seamless integration of online and in-store sales channels. With a centralized management system, retailers can efficiently remove barriers and create a more consistent experience for customers. Spanning across channels and devices, shoppers are free to visit your store, how and when they want.

So, what’s all the fuss about

Cutoutcow, already an integration partner of SEOshop, changed some code (a couple of snippets and some URL’s) and of course, followed up with the onboarding with Lightspeed eCom. So that’s what this is all about. Because SEOshop is now integrated into Lightspeed, our application is now available in the app store of Lightspeed because strictly speaking, the name SEOshop stops existing when the acquisition took place.

Thank you Lightspeed eCom

Ok, to be honest, it took a little bit more effort than adjusting some small snippets. Because Lightspeed is active worldwide and SEOshop was operating in Europe we upgraded quite some features to sustain a complete automated image editing workflow. From uploading, downloading and publishing to invoicing, all adjusted to fit your preferred country and currency, growing and expanding for markets worldwide.

LightspeedHQ - Thank you Lightspeed eCom

So, after this small history lesson, what is all the fuss about? Easy, keep using our build-in image editing service because once you go Omni channel, you must decide how to spend your resources. And for all you retailers out there, time is money and you know that besides a full featured system that carries all your transactions from start to finish, you still need great content and a high conversion rate. How to accomplish this: a unique customer experience all the way. And when talking about the content, we mean images, and this is where we step in.

Cutoutcow product image processing application

Not only do we make sure that your images are processed at high speed, but we make images more beautiful then you could ever imagine. And don’t worry about the process flow because this is the key. Start filling your webstore with everything you got, unprocessed images will enter our secured platform through AWS (Amazon Web Service), we optimize, and in less than 24 hours you can verify your results and hit “publish”. That’s it, your store is updated, and all your customers will be amazed about the new and improved image presentation for your products.

Cutoutcow product image processing application

And before we forget, the first 3 images are free of charge, no strings attached, so give a spin and install our app in the Lightspeed app store and we’ll convince you about the importance of beautiful images without effort or expensive photography.

Trouble locating the app? Depicted above, it’s the one in the upper left corner. Store owners they can easily browse the store backend and search the app listing. Not yet a store owner then visits Lightspeed, go to the eCommerce section and then click on “Apps”.

Jan de Bildt

Jan de Bildt

Jan is co-founder at Cutoutcow. He is the commercial manager within Cutoutcow so if you need any information regarding image editing and photography, Jan is your specialist and ready to answer all your questions.

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